Why You Might Want To Get Spine Surgery

Why You Might Want To Get Spine Surgery

If you have back pain, you may not need back surgery. Most of the back pains are not permanent. You can get rid of the back pain by taking some analgesic medicines. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce the pain and inflammation of the back. The spine MD may recommend spinal surgery for you in severe conditions. Some of these conditions are given here.

Slipped disk

The human spine consists of many small spinal bones. These bones have cushioning disk between them. Sometimes, these disks slip from the ideal location due to over-stretching or injury. If the disk is slipped a little, it will not cause severe pain. You may take analgesics to get rid of the pain. When you have a strong disk slip, the person may have severe pain that does not go away even after taking medicines. In this case, the Spine MD will recommend spinal surgery.

Spinal degenerative disease

Some diseases can weaken a body part and promote injury. These diseases are called degenerative diseases. If a person has a degenerative disease of the spine, his spine will become weak. He will also suffer due to severe pain in the back. There is no other way to get rid of degenerative disease than spinal surgery. It is better to go for the surgery at an early stage so you can prevent spinal bone damage.

Pressure on the spinal cord

Some diseases and infections can increase the pressure on the spinal cord. The infection will cause inflammation of the spinal cord walls and put pressure on the spinal cord. It is a life-threatening condition like the case of meningitis. The spine MD will recommend an emergency surgery in this case. He will insert a syringe in your spinal cord and remove some fluid to decrease the pressure.

Tumor in the spine

There are two ways of removing the tumor from the body. You can use chemicals or radiation to kill the tumor cells. You may have to undergo spinal surgery to remove the tumor from the spinal area. A surgeon will remove the tumor and the affected tissue. It is crucial to go for regular check-ups after the surgery because tumors can return.

Back injury

It is the most common reason for getting back surgery as most people undergo back surgery due to road accidents. Some lift the heavyweight that leads to disk slip. Some small accidents can also lead to back issues. It is better to care for your back and consult with an experienced physician in case of a back injury.