The Value Of SMS Marketing On Today’s Internet Culture

The Value Of SMS Marketing On Today’s Internet Culture

A lot of people believe that traditional phone marketing such as phone calls, cold call sales and SMS marketing are done for; but studies say it loud and clear: most of today’s Internet traffic comes from smartphones and up to 60% of the traffic on the most prominent websites is smartphone based.

Phones are now more popular than ever, and while SMS services are not that popular anymore (as they have been replaced by Wifi-based, free instant messaging services such as Telegram) traditional SMS marketing still brings many benefits to the table that other types of marketing don’t.

The advantages of SMS marketing

-It is instant: Just create your message and in seconds, with the touch of a button, you will have it spread to all of your clients.

-It is simple and straightforward: SMS messaging, just like Twitter, has a character limit. That will force you to create fun, snappy, easy to read messages that deliver all the information you need at a sight, which is what most people love nowadays.

-It is easy to set up: A messaging list is very simple to create, you just need to compile your clients’ phone numbers, create a message and click a button.

-It is surprising: Not a lot of people get SMS nowadays, so receiving one is surprising and they will very likely open it up to check what is it.

-It creates rapport between you and your clients: SMS messaging creates a channel for two way communitation with your clients. You will be able to send them messages but they will also be able to answer back if they have any questions.

-It allows you to create personalized messages for events: Whenever Christmas, Easter, Halloween or the 4th of July approach you will be able to create a thematic marketing campaign that will automatically get sent out as soon as the day comes !

Textedly: SMS marketing made easy

New to SMS marketing and don’t know how to get started ? Do not worry: textedly takes care of it for you.

Textedly is an SMS marketing platform that simplifies the process of creating a marketing campaign, keeping it simple, straightforward and beginner friendly. We have worked with numerous big enterprises, but we are also happy to offer our services to small, beginning businesses: we make SMS marketing easy, and doable for everyone.