Roll of Honour


The Club has ‘two’ classes of membership. The first is the sigmite who is still a student at the University of Ibadan. He is referred to as a Loyal Sigmite, Also Members who have graduated are referred to as Old Sigmites/Chiefs. 

The Second category of membership is the HONORARY SIGMITE. This is an honour the Club confers occasionally on deserving people.The belief of the Club for the Club to admit people who have risen to eminence within or without the University to its Roll of Honour.The Tradition is rooted in the belief that these honorary Sigmites had they had the chance, would have been Loyal Sigmites. It is also believed that they could be fountains of inspirations to the younger Loyal Sigmites.

The Criteria for Selection includes;


A man of vision

A man of accomplishment

A man of honour and intellect

A man of sagacity and integrity

A patriot A whole man

A humanist.

Some Loyal Sigmites who have graduated from the Club.

The Club Roll of Honour includes Eminent Nigerians, In the last 63 years the Club have graduated over a thousand higher men; 


Over the years, sigma club has trenscended the limits of social Club affording the opportunity of relaxation.

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