The Beginnings.

It is common knowledge that when the University of Ibadan was founded in 1948, the foundation students had a need for effective relaxation after the rigorous of academic work. This eked to the establishment of social organizations in the institution for instance dancing club, the social circle e.t.c. Clubs were administered along the lines of west minister system of government and they also provided avenue for the teaching of various intricate steps of European forms of dance such as waltz, quick step, and tango e.t.c.  Nevertheless, a notable shortcoming of these social clubs was the non-existence of any philanthropic objective.

Some members of these clubs were naturally  dissatisfied with what obtained at the time. They subsequently came together to establish a model club that will combine the social aspects of the existing clubs with a definite philanthropic philosophy. This model club would also espouse uncompromisingly the values of discipline, integrity and loyalty as virtues upon which the club will be predicated. The new club founded in 1950 was named after the Greek alphabet Sigma which means sum total.

This is because the foundation members of Sigma Club were from some of the existing clubs in the University at the time.Its members are all male students of the University. It is generally believed that the following were the founding fathers of the Club; Ignatius Atigbi, Etudo, Olojede Nelson, Leslie Harriman, Christopher Okigbo and Banjo Solaru. It is noteworthy that all the founding fathers have since kept their destined appointment with the Heavenly Father. Sigma Club is the oldest surviving students’ organization today in Africa, South of the Sahara which has been a strong vision of the founding fathers.

The Motto of the Club boldly inscribed on the Club’s Crest and other document is “FOR ALL THAT IS PURE

It summarizes the IDEALS AND ASPIRATIONS of all sigmites,As we could seen the founding fathers were men of vision. They had dreams of projecting and enthroning the noblest of values.They probably philosophised and idealised over the making of a whole man,the process of self actualization and broadening of one’s horizon.Sigma Club since its foundation have maintained the dreams of the founding fathers.Over the years the club has trenscended the limits of social Club affording the opportunity of relaxation. It has metamorphosed, matured into a process, a challenge, a philosophy, a consciousness-it is a process by which memebers foster high-mindednessit challenges its memebers to meet the needs of our economically,   Socially, intellectually and morally impoverished society; it furnishes the philosophical basis on which members expect everyone to base his everyday acts and omission; it creates a forum to uplift members consciousness into the ideals required to build a sovereign men for great sovereignty.

Sigma Club place high premium on good character; and it is obvious that by any yardstick, sigmites are the best behaved students while in the University and upon graduation.Discipline and integrity are the watch words of Sigma Club and it breeds a fraternal group of gentlemen.Sectionalism and pettiness are abhorred by the Sigma Creed, and mediocrity has no place in her scheme of things.The ideals of the Club emphasizes one important thing for a sigmite after graduating he must attain a reformist zeal whether in polictics,Civil service,Business or Industry. Sigma Club is a factory for producing a higher standard of human being.Incidentally all memebers of the club are MALES (Not an example of male chauvinsm-but the tradition handed down by the founding fathers of the Club,probably to be different from the older Clubs).Sigma Club in the last Sixty-three years have been in the equivalent of Socio-philantrophic Organizations such as Rotary, Lion, Zonta e.t.c which have philosophy of truth,fairness,fostering good will and friendship,seeking the benefits of all mankind and discipline.The affairs of the Club are directed by a ten-man executive council headed by the Sigma Chief.The Sigma Chief is regarded as embodiment of our ideals and custodian of our traditions and he commands the respect of all Sigmites.


Over the years, sigma club has trenscended the limits of social Club affording the opportunity of relaxation.

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